Esperança Barcelona



We are a group of volunteers who go out twice a week to give food, clothing and a bit of love to the homeless on the streets of Barcelona.
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Food, clothing and a bit of love.

We started as a few friends who came together and made some soup and sandwiches on a November night in 2013 and headed towards the Park Ciutadella.

Since then we have expanded and cover two routes, twice a week. We are always looking for new volunteers. Join us!

What can you do to help?

We need help making and distributing the food and collecting items of clothing, especially shoes and socks and sleeping bags and blankets. Find out below how you can help us.

Join the walk

We go out every Saturday and Sunday evening for a couple of hours, covering Parc de la Ciutadella, the surrounding area and over towards the Estación del Norte, as well as Raval and Poble Sec. Join us on the walk or help organizing it!

Host a walk

The routes leave from our local in El Raval at c/d’En Roig 30, 1-1A. The host is responsible for getting the keys to open the local, heating up the soup, waiting for walkers to arrive, and cleaning up after the walk has been completed. Available on Saturday or Sunday evening? We’d love to hear from you!

Support with donations

Donations of clothing and footwear, that are clean, in good condition and practical, are very welcome. We now are also able to accept financial donations via our bank account or Paypal.

Where. What. How?

Usually between 90 mins and 2 hours. The two routes are: Parc de la Ciutadella, the surrounding area and over towards the Estación del Norte, and Raval and Poble Sec.

We start from our local in El Raval at Carrer d’En Roig 30, 1-1A. Volunteers will receive a private message on the day of the run with necessary details, including meeting time and phone number. Please add the run organizer as a friend on Facebook and also check your “other messages” folder on Facebook just in case.

We take out 7 liters of vegetarian soup, 30 cheese bocadillos and 30 tuna bocadillos for each route plus fruit, chocolate/biscuits/magdalenas, small cartons of juice and bottles of water for about 50 people. The food is dropped off before the walk on Saturday and Sunday evenings at our local in El Raval (c/d’En Roig 30, 1-1A).

Say hello and join us!

Would you like to join us on our walks or host them from our local? Just fill out the form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.